Art’s Way Customer Service Center

Art’s Way has launched it’s own Customer Service Center.  This collaborative effort is a result of our continued commitment to excellent service.  Parts and sales personnel have been combined in one location to create a cohesive experience for you.  There are now many people available to answer your calls about product sales, parts, and product information.

Art's Way Customer Service Center


How to Talk to the Customer Service Center:

•Call 712.864.3131

•Press 1 for the Customer Service Center

Questions to Ask Us

•Who is my nearest dealer?

•May I order part number #### for my equipment?

•What is the best piece of equipment to meet my needs?

•What is the availability for this product or part?

•How do I become a dealer?

•Most of all, our team enjoys hearing about your experiences with Art’s Way equipment

System Monitoring

We have integrated a phone system that provides realtime monitoring of incoming calls to help us better meet your needs.  This helps us track how many calls are incoming at once, call wait times, peak call times during the day, and many other statistics that will help us continue to improve your experience.

Continuous Improvement

As we work to provide excellent service, we value your feedback.  Please let us know what we are doing well and in contrast, how we can improve our communication with you.  Provide us with patience as we work to cross train between parts and whole goods, but please don’t take it easy on us.  Your challenging questions and requests are welcomed by our team.

We invite you to Contact Us to see how the new system is working and to provide any feedback.

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