For the Feedlot

For the FeedlotConsistently produce top quality swine, cattle, dairy or poultry feed from your own corn or small grains with Art’s Way Feed Grinding Systems; available as Portable Grinder Mixers or Stationary Grinders. Choose rollermills or hammermills to meet your ration needs.

The livestock producer can benefit from several Art’s Way products.  After feeding dairy cows or feedlot cattle, there is always the fun job of disposing of waste materials.  The Material Spreader, made by Art’s Way, is a perfect fit for these types of operations. Truck mounted or pull type models come with either vertical or horizontal beaters – all delivering a consistent, uniform spread of materials over the field. Even distribution provides nutrients for future crops without creating hot spots of fertilizer coverage.

Producers often grow their own forage and hay for their animals and grow crops for feed.  Count on Art’s Way for hay and forage Rakes and Mergersas well as Forage Boxes and Wagons, to tend to the duties that coincide with this production.  Moving grain to storage after harvest is easy with the Portable Grain Auger. After crops are out of the field, chop corn or bean stubble with a Flail Shredder and if deep tillage is on your checklist, then Art’s Way Moldboard Plows can dig deep and turn over residue.

During other times of the year, Art’s Way has land maintenance equipment:


Choose Art’s Way when purchasing new equipment for the feedlot, field, farm or during forage harvest.

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