On the Farm

On the FarmWhen you are not in the field, or in the middle of forage harvest, Art’s Way maintenance equipment prepares for what is to come.

For earth moving, the Land Planes ensure even distribution of rainfall and irrigation by smoothing out contours and uneven acres. Land Graders level the ground, clean feedlots, dig ditches and more around the farm.

Rugged and reliable, Art’s Way Snow Blowers really dig into snowdrifts and cut wide swaths through the snow and blowing it away; keeping areas clear.

The livestock producer can consistently produce top quality swine, cattle, dairy or poultry feed from their own corn or small grains with Art’s Way Feed Grinding Systems. Available as Portable Grinder Mixers or Stationary Grinders. Choose rollermills or hammermills to meet your ration needs.

The livestock producer can also benefit from other Art’s Way products.  After feeding dairy cows or feedlot cattle, there is always the fun job of disposing of waste materials.  The Manure Spreader, made by Art’s Way, is a perfect fit for these types of operations.

Choose Art’s Way when purchasing new equipment for the feedlot, field, farm or during forage harvest.

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