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  • Climate Control
  • Cleanability & Sanitizing
  • Modular Constructions
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More About Calf Care Buildings

Ideal nurturing environment to give young calves a strong, health start and faster growth.

Calf Care™ modular buildings are manufactured by Art’s Way Scientific – a wholly owned subsidiary of Art’s Way Mfg.Co.

Optimum controlled animal health environment

Housed in Art’s Way Calf Care™ modular buildings, young calves experience total comfort and maximum health support in their more fragile early days. Mortality rates are significantly reduced, gain rate is improved, while costs for vet care and medications are lowered.

Complete climate controlled comfort

  • Temperature and humidity control protects calves from harsh extreme weather…keeps calves and workers comfortable
  • Constant fresh air flow with negative pressure ventilation system
  • Insulated panel construction maintains energy efficiency
  • Comfortable calf stalls have a floating divider for turn-around space
  • No bedding needed

Complete cleanability and sanitizing

  • Seamless, washable surface
  • Fiberglass reinforced epoxy covering on walls, ceiling and walkway – will not harbor bacteria
  • Tenderfoot calf flooring over a 9 inch deep self-contained fiberglass reinforced epoxy covered pit
  • Pre-soak system
  • Water-tight lights
  • Other sealed components
  • Optional manure scraper system

Calf Care™ modular buildings have a high resale value and are relocatable!


Fresh air ventilation
Pre-heat room with sink
Seamless easy clean surfaces
Waste disposal option
SIP construction
Completed shell
Ideal construction conditions
Convenient delivery

Standard floor plan

Calf Care building

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Art’s Way Scientific is a wholly owned subsidiary of Art’s Way Manufacturing Co.

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