Finger Wheel Rakes


  • Big Capacity
  • High Clearance
  • Flexible Frames
  • Easy Adjust
  • Easy Maintenance
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  • 7 Models with 8-20 Finger Wheels
  • 55 Inch Wheels
  • 40 Teeth per Wheel
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More About Finger Wheel Rakes

Art’s Way Miller Pro Wheel Rakes offer hay and forage growers what they are looking for most in a finger wheel rake, VALUE!

Miller Pro Wheel Rakes will cover your acres quickly and leave fluffy and smooth windrows behind.

  • Big capacity
  • High clearance
  • Clean design using many common parts
  • Easy to adjust and operate
  • Simple to maintain
  • Flexible frames allowing the finger wheels to follow the contour of the ground smoothly
  • Convenient transport mode


Transport mode for models FWR 12 to FWR 20
High clearance design with a rigid, stable rear wheel frame.


Seven models with three basic frame designs

With seven models grouped in three basic frame designs, Miller Pro offers a wheel rake to match your needs. Raking widths range from 19.5 ft. up to an impressive 38.8 ft. That is wide enough for 2 – 20 ft. mowers laying the hay as wide as the swath shields allow!

FWR 8 & 10
FWR 12 & 14
FW 16, 18, 20
Optional features

FWR 8, FWR 10

FWR 12, FWR 14

FWR 16, FWR 18, FWR 20

Complete Specifications

Use your operation manual for quick reference.

Operation Manual


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