5300 Series Forage Boxes


  • Unitized high strength steel box with Field Flex™ design
  • 4 speed shift-under-load enclosed gear transmission
  • Independent feathering clutches for optimum control
  • Smooth feeding metering augers
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  • 16, 18, 20, 24 Ft. Box Lengths
  • 886 - 1113 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Front, Front/Rear, Rear Upload
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More About 5300 Series Forage Boxes

5300 Series…improving forage quality with high capacity harvesting

Today’s high capacity forage harvesting requires bigger forage boxes and faster ways of getting the job done. Miller Pro by Art’s Way offers receiver boxes for both truck and trailer mount to meet those needs. They can be side loaded with Miller Pro high lift dump boxes,or can run behind or along side self-propelled forage harvesters. The Miller Pro brand offers an extensive line of forage handling equipment to help you bring in higher quality forage, and get it into your silos, bunkers or bags quickly.

Numerous model choices…

You’ll find several models to choose from, to add convenience to your work. The entire line is available either with roofs or as open top models. Truck mount and trailer models add more options to fill every need.

Higher capacity

The entire line is available in box lengths up to 24 feet. Optional 4-inch roof or side extensions add even more capacity. Heavyweight constructed running gear is available in either single or tandem axle wagons or tandem axle trailers.

Receiver boxes

Receiver boxes are ideal for top filling because there are no obstructions such as rafters or supports in the center of the box. The sides are reinforced with a heavy “Z” shaped side sill plus a massive structural beam going full length on the top edge of both sides. There’s also a cross support at the front and rear of the box. The side stakes are the largest in the industry measuring an impressive 5 x 2-1/2 inches in size.

Side extensions and 4th beater

Receiver boxes can be fitted with side extensions to increase load capacity. With the side extensions it is recommended that an optional fourth beater be added to ensure a smooth flow of material to the blower.

Trailer Mounted Receiver Boxes

Receiver boxes mounted on tandem axle trailers are ideal for filling bags, upright silos and bunker silos. This design offers a smooth ride with good trailing and maneuverability, often able to travel one or two gears faster in field conditions compared with a conventional steerable wagon.

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Miller Pro forage boxes are recognized for their exceptional performance, reliability and long-lasting durability.

Art’s Way Manufacturing provides excellence in design, state-of-the art manufacturing, highest quality materials, plus exceptional fit and finish. Art’s Way has the longest forage handling line in the industry— including front unload, front/rear combination models, rear unload, receiver boxes, forage blowers and high lift dump boxes.

Unitized construction, a solid foundation to carry the load.
4-speed shift-under-load synchronized gear transmission
Crop Clear™ rafterless roof
18 inch metering augers provide uniform feed flow
Independent drives for auger and outfeed — unequalled crop unloading control
Centralized operator controls
Choose PTO or hydraulic drive
Slick box floor
Front/rear unload • 2 direction drive
Auto rear door for unobstructed unloading
Cross conveyor chain restraints
Removable cleanout panel
Drive line safety shields swing open
Transport safety


Use your operation manual for quick reference.

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