High Lift Dump Box


High Volume Harvesting
  • More Capacity
  • Higher Lift
  • Shorter CycleTime
  • Fast Payback
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  • Two Wheel Carts or Four Wheel Wagons
  • 655 Cu. Ft. and 870 Cu. Ft. Capacity Struck
  • 24,000 and 30,000 Lb. Dump Capactiy
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More About High Lift Dump Box

Reaching higher levels of productivity

Big acreage operators are continually discovering new ways to cope with short harvest windows. With Miller Pro Dump Boxes, you can experience virtually nonstop, high volume harvesting. Because of their capacity, high lift and short cycle time, they’ll help you bring in higher quality forage faster. You will also save money by not having extra transport vehicles with drivers waiting in the field.

Higher lift and better reach

Reach over and into receiver boxes and trucks with dump heights at pivot from 11 ft. 9 inches for the 9015 model. An optional riser kit increases the pivot point 6 inches for the 9015. As the boxes begin their lift, they also side shift to move closer to the receiving vehicle.



Creating a stable, tough agile foundation

4 wheel wagon models
2 wheel cart models


Standard features

Impressive Capacities
Slaved cylinder elevator raises loads evenly...requiring less oil
Advanced elevator lockout system
Faster cycle time lets choppers spend more time chopping
Easier dumping
Automatic opening roof

Use your operation manual for quick reference.

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