Hog Care Buildings


  • Nursery, Grower, Farrowing Buildings
  • Climate Control
  • Cleanability & Sanitizing
  • Modular Constructions
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More About Hog Care Buildings

Custom built configurations for hog producers  – Isolation, breed stock gestation, boar semen collection

Hog Care™ modular buildings are manufactured by Art’s Way Scientific – a wholly owned subsidiary of Art’s Way Mfg.Co.

Optimum controlled animal health environment

  • Climate controlled with effective negative pressure ventilation – air is continuously being exhausted
  • Seamless fiberglass surface on walls and ceiling does not harbor bacteria…easy cleaning with pressure washer
  • Pre-soak system available
  • Stainless steel feeder and cup waterers
  • Solid shaft nursery gating
  • Nursery flooring with fiberglass beam supports
  • Self contained pit and scraper system
  • 10 gallon electric water heater
  • L.B. White heaters … outlets for heat lamps
  • 24 inch fiberglass wash tub

Complete cleanability and sanitizing

  • Completely sealed interior to protect hogs and provide low maintenance operation.
  • Seamless washable surface
  • Fiberglass reinforced epoxy covering on walls, ceiling and walkway – will not harbor bacteria
  • Water-tight lights
  • Other sealed components
  • Stainless steel diagonal crates, sow trough and water pan or nipple waterers

Structural strength and integrity

  • Interlocking cast iron slats on 5 inch fiberglass support beams
  • 12 inch steel I-beam frame

Hog Care™ modular buildings have a high resale value and are relocatable!



Diagonal farrowing crate
Fresh air ventilation
Pre-heat room with sink
Seamless easy clean surfaces
Waste disposal option
SIP construction
Completed shell
Ideal construction conditions
Convenient delivery

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Art’s Way Scientific is a wholly owned subsidiary of Art’s Way Manufacturing Co.

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