Portable Rollermill


  • Heavy-duty Construction
  • Tuf Cast Rolls
  • Easy Unload Auger
  • Continuous Running Agitator
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More About Portable Rollermill

Portable Rollermill provides efficient milling using lower HP

Today’s feeding operations are now recognizing the advantages of rolled grain. Art’s-Way’s Portable Rollermill provides you with efficient milling for top quality feed from your corn or small grains and does it lower horsepower requirements. Rolling feed minimizes dust while providing more palatable and digestible feed for improved feed conversion. The rolls are constructed from a heavy 10-inch-diameter cast iron roll which can be re-grooved several times for extended life. The mill can be set by rotating a handle for quick roll settings for different particle size or changing from corn to small grains in seconds. Our proven release system will allow tramp metals to flow through the rolls and expand the opening to lessen damaging effects.

Heavy-duty construction
Tuf Cast rolls provide consistent and uniform feeding
Rolled rations provide a more palatable and digestible feed
Easy unload auger
Standard Features

PRM20 RM30
Roll Diameter x Length 10 x 20
Drives-Min. Hp. Required (PTO) 10 x 30
Magnets 40hp 60hp
Scrapers Std. Std.
Discharge Auger 8 in. x 10 ft. 8 in. x 10 ft.
Tyres 7.60 x 15 – 8 ply 7.60 x 15 – 8 ply


Capacity *(Bushels/hr)

10 Grooves per inch rolls
Oats 200-300 350-550
Wheat/Barley 200-300 500-650
Milo/Corn 300-400 600-750

*Bushels per hour may vary according to Hp., moisture content and particle size.



Use your Operator’s manual or Parts manual for quick reference.

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