R2020 Spreader


  • Truck Mounted
  • Mechanical Driven Vertical Beaters OR
  • Hydraulic Driven Horizontal Beaters
  • Reversible, Adjustable Speed Apron
  • High Performance 400-420 rpm Beaters
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  • 490 Cu. ft. Capacity
  • 630 Cubic ft. Capacity with Manure Extension
  • 910 Cu. ft. Capacity with Forage Extension
  • 20 ft. Box Length
  • V-Belt Drive from Truck PTO
  • Minimum 300 HP Engine Required
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More About R2020 Spreader

Art’s Way Roda HV Series truck mounted spreaders feature a super slippery floor with reversible apron to handle obstructions and keep you going. Apron speed is adjustable, and vertical beaters are removable.

Model 2020 discharges at 20 gal/minute @3000 psi for manure, 60 gal/minute of forage. The electronic over hydraulic controls are conveniently accessed through one control panel by the operator.

The Roda HV Series from Art’s Way provides one of the most rugged, reliable and productive line of spreaders on the market.

Beater design options - Vertical or Horizontal
Triple Apron
Hydraulic slop gate
Convenient controls
Durable steel frame
Forage Option

Triple apron
Electric over hydraulic system
High quality finish
Chassis frame
Axle ratings
PTO rating
Engine requirements

Use your Operator’s and Part’s manual for quick reference.

Operator’s and Part’s Manual


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