Rotary Rakes


  • Leaf Saving, Gentle Handling
  • Fast Drying, Fluffier Windrows
  • No Crop Roping or Twisting
  • Convenient Hydraulic Adjustment
  • Rugged Design
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  • Six Models up to 25 Ft. Raking Width
  • Up to 26 Tine Arms
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More About Rotary Rakes

Leading the rotary revolution with CAM action rakes

CAM ACTION tine arms gently lift the crop, carry it to the windrow and release it…saving more leaves and forming a faster drying, fluffier windrow.  Gentle sweeping action allows for faster travel speed and higher raking capacity. Tines handle the crop only once, moving it to the swath in a sweeping motion.

Hydraulic height adjustment
High strength construction
Adjustable swath curtain
Fully enclosed gearbox
Tandem axles, flotation tires, heat treated tines
Constant velocity PTO driveline

Choose a model that fits your choice of windrow placements

Model 900 - rotary raking at its best
Model 1150 - a higher level of performance
Model 1350 - wide raking abilities
Model 2250 and 2650 - double the performance

Models 900, 1150, 1350
Models 2250, 2650

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