Two Way Moldboard Plow


  • On-land or In-Furrow options
  • Smooth Residue Flow
  • High Vertical Clearance
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  • In-Furrow 146
  • On-land 166
  • On-land 186
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More About Two Way Moldboard Plow

On-land or In-furrow, we’ll keep you going both ways.

Art’s Way two way moldboard plows maintain their forward motion, whether you’re crossing on land or deep in a furrow. The generous clearance allows for smooth residue flow. Our popular in-furrow 146 model plows up to 14 inches deep, with quick-set leveling pins to make the job simple, and a 3-point hitch and gauge wheel to control depth. Automatic hydraulic reset, spring trip or rigid beams are available, depending on the model.

The Art’s Way on-land 166 model and 186 model plows are an extra heavy-duty moldboard plow built for use with your high-horsepower tractor. It is easily prepared for the field and simple to operate, offering you trouble-free leveling with individual quick-set shops. A big rear landside adjusts to control side draft, and you can choose between rigid or spring-trip beams on the 166 model or rigid beam on the 186 model to match your individual tillage needs. The top and bottom reinforcing plates, pivot cylinder anchor bars and plow carrier frame on this model have also been strengthened with thicker steel constructions, and special welding procedures have bolstered the joint integrity. This plow is ready to meet your most intense earth-moving challenges. The Art’s Way 166 model offers a choice of 4 to 6 furrows and the 186 model boast 8 bottoms to cover more acres efficiently.

On-land or in-furrow options
Maximum clearance for plug free plowing
Heat forged steel provides added strength
Adjustable rear gauge wheel with auto reverse
Heavy duty, built for dependable long life
3 pt. hitch for ease of hook up
Popular HSCX moldboard

Specifications 146 In-furrow
Specifications 166 On-land
Specifications 186 On-land

Use your Operator’s manual or Part’s manual for quick reference.

146 Operator’s Manual 146 Parts Manual


166 Operator’s Manual 166 Parts Manual


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