U-II Pick Up Reel


  • Exclusive 170º Flip Over Bat Action
  • Reduce Wrapping on Reel
  • Less Downtime
  • Less Shatter
  • More Profit
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  • 10 - 30 ft. Reels
  • 8 or 10 in. Center Tube - Model Specific
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More About U-II Pick Up Reel

U-II Pick Up Reel can reduce wrapping with the 170º flip over bat action of the reel.  As the reel rotates, the bat flips releasing debris from plugging the reel.  The results are less downtime, less shatter and more profit in the grain tank. Its tear shaped bats gently handle crop and reduce shatter.

The reel has proven superior in performance in soybeans, small grains and even tough heavy canola fields. The reel is 20% lighter than other reels on the market. Engineered for durability and strength for reliability in the field, while also providing unmatched operator visibility reducing chance of damage to reel from unseen obstructions.

Available for Massey, Case IH, Gleaner, New Holland, Claas, John Deere combine headers and also most swathers.



Exclusive reinforced tear drop bat
Smooth consistent flow of crop
Standard features
Optional features

  • 8 in. center tube for up to 26 ft. reels
  • 10 in. center tube for 27 to 30 ft. reels
  • Sizes 10 to 30 ft. reels


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Complete Parts Listing and Diagrams


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