V-Wing Ditcher


  • Pull type or 3 pt. hitch
  • Hardened steel cutting edges
  • Replaceable cutting points
  • Hydraulic controlled operation
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  • 4 ft. up to 7 ft. ditch width
  • 20 in. up to 48 in. ditch depth
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More About V-Wing Ditcher

Take control of soil management Art’s Way.

Create smooth waterways around fields for irrigation while also improving existing sub-surface tile drainage and managing soil nutrients. Contouring your fields will control water flow and erosion can result in a major economic increase.

Designed to cut through most types of soil and ground cover, the Art’s Way Ditcher creates a v-shaped ditch using hardened steel cutting edges. The cutting point and wings are replaceable for easy maintenance.

Art’s Way is the way to manage soil and land achieve maximum land conservation.

Accurate depth of cut
Structural strength
Hydraulic operation

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