Vervaet Sugar Beet Harvester


  • Self-propelled
  • Improves Productivity
  • Reduces Manpower Requirements
  • Art's Way North American Distributor for Vervaet Harvester
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  • Topper with 1 Rotor
  • Hydraulic 3-point Linkage
  • ICW Integral Topper 16.4 ft.
  • Model 625 - 510 hp Paccar
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More About Vervaet Sugar Beet Harvester

Highly Productive, High Capacity Harvesters

Sugar Beet HarvesterNorth American sugar beet growers have new options for improving productivity, while reducing manpower requirements with self-propelled Vervaet harvesters.

For decades, Art’s Way and Vervaet have developed their proprietary lines of sugar beet harvesters to high levels of success.

Now, Art’s Way has introduced Vervaet self-propelled machines to North America.



Time and labor saving features
Beet lifting systems
Superior cleaning capabilities
Exceptional cab visibility
Additional standard features
Optional features

Leaf Topper
Topper with one rotor – standard
Topper with auger and spreader (6×20 in., 6×22 in. x 4×30 in.) – optional
Double adjustable scalpers – optional
Airplane-type topper depth wheels (2pc)
Hydraulic 3-point linkage
Hydraulic cylinder to lift up frame auto steer – optional

XL lifter 6×30 in. ICW integral topper 16.4 ft.
XL lifter 8×22 in. ICW integral topper 16.4 ft.
XL lifter 9×20 in. ICW integral topper 16.4 ft.
Spring loaded lifter elements (for flexing over rocks)
Axle with depth wheels and flippers on lifter – standard
Cleaning wheels on front turbines – optional

Wheels and Tires
(standard GoodYear 800×38 front, and GoodYear 800×32 rear)
Michelin 800×38 on front 4x
Michelin 800×38 on front 4x – CEREX BIB
Michelin 800×38 rear 2
Michelin 800×38 rear 2 – CEREX BIB
Michelin 900×32 rear 2x

Frame and Tank
Extendable front axle (only SL) – optional
Longer discharge elevator – standard
Gates on turbine 2 and 3 – hydraulic adjust up/down – standard
Gates on turbine 4 and 5 – hydraulic adjust up/down – optional

Side window wiper set – optional
Fuel consumption meter – standard
Color camera set, trio – standard
Air conditioning – optional
Xenon work light on cab (incl. extra relays)/pc – optional
Extra camera (4 in total) plus split monitor – optional

Model 625 – 510 HP Paccar

Use your Operator’s manual or Part’s manual for quick reference.

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