UPS Tracking

Art’s Way is now providing the UPS tracking as a result of your requests!

We have recently launched an e-mail notification of your UPS shipment.  This includes your order’s tracking number, estimated delivery date, sales order number, and purchase order information. You may also sign up for a delivery notification from UPS.

UPS Tracking

UPS Tracking Emails

The representative assigned to you is receiving this UPS tracking number each night.  Your invoices for that day’s shipment are also sent to your representative.  This allows your representative to better serve you through excellent service.

If you are not receiving these email notifications, please feel free to contact the Art’s Way Customer Service department.  Our team can add up to five different email addresses.  Please call 712.864.3131 and he/she will gladly get you in the system.  This way, you will know when to expect your deliveries without having to pick up the phone and ask.

Other Services Coming

Plus, we are working on getting FEDEX tracking information and freight charges added to email notification system.

This is a part of our commitment to customer service through our Customer Service Center.  We welcome feedback about this new system.  Also, let us know what other services you would like to see from Art’s Way.

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