About our Company

Our Mission

To deliver high-quality, market responsive products and services which will exceed customer expectations and maximize shareholder value

Deep Roots in Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing

For over 50 years, Art’s Way Manufacturing Co., Inc. has been a leading manufacturer and marketer of specialized agricultural equipment. The company was built around the design and development by its founder, Arthur Luscombe, of an original portable grinder mixer for use on farms.

A Diverse Product Line

Since the creation of the first grinder mixer in 1956, Art’s Way has grown through acquisitions and the ongoing development of its diverse product lines. Today, the company produces a range of products used by farmers around the world for feed processing, forage blending, land management, and harvesting. The company also maintains a high volume of OEM products, and parts.

A Tradition of Quality and Market Leadership

Art’s Way is recognized for its innovation and high-quality products. This contributes to the company’s market share leadership in sugar beet harvesters and its strong market positions for its other product lines. The company’s brand names include Art’s Way, Miller Pro, Badger and Universal Harvester and AgroTrend.

Company History

Iowa farmer Arthur Luscombe founded Art’s Way Manufacturing in 1956, to produce and sell a PTO powered grinder mixer he developed on his farm near Dolliver, Iowa. His first product was a great success that marked the beginning of his amazing career as an inventor and entrepreneur. In 1959, Luscombe moved the company from his original plant in downtown Armstrong to its present location, and the grinder mixer line was expanded to include OEM work for companies such as Massey Ferguson, Owatonna and Case or as it was known then, International Harvester.

Today, Art’s Way has approximately 200 employees and operates its 3 business units in multiple facilities across Iowa. Arthur Luscombe’s dedication to innovation, quality and durability remains the central focus of our product and business practices. We take pride in the quality of our grinder mixers, sugar beet harvesters, graders, plows and other farm machinery, and continue to expand our product lines to meet the needs of our customers.

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