Grinder Mixers

Q: Does Art’s Way still make parts for my older grinder mixer?

A: We provide most service parts for older grinders. The part number listed in your manual has probably been converted to a newer style number. Your dealer or Customer Service will be able to assist in changing these over.

Q: What Screen is the best fit for my operation and grinder?

A: See figure 1 for screen sizes.

Figure 1

Q: What belt should I be using for my Grinder Mixer?

A: Click HERE to see what the best belt option is for you!

Figure 2

Q: What Art’s Way model would match my Case Grinder?

A: In Figure 2 you will see what Case model is equivalent to Art’s Way’s.

Q: Where can I get my older Scale head fixed?

A: Central City Scales out of Central City, Nebraska. Phone- 308-946-3591 or 308-946-2380 Email-

Q: Why does dust come out of my dust collector?

A: This may happen over time as parts wear on your machine. The pieces of the dust collector are connected with rubber bands. These may wear over time and need to be replaced. If you are using abrasive material, it may eat away at the caulk used to seal the dust collector. Maintaining a good seal is vital in the efficiency of your machine. Replace and fill as necessary.

Q: Why does my grinder vibrate?

A: Alignment is key in proper operation of your grinder mixer. If something is out of alignment, it could cause vibration in your unit. First, narrow down the machine area where the vibration is occurring (tank, mill, discharge, etc.) Once you have narrowed down the area, check the key alignment components such as bearings, augers, sprockets/chain, rotors, or shafts. Also check fasteners to proper torque.

Q: How do I get my mixing auger out of my grinder tank?

A: There is a service access lid on top of the tank. The auger is attached to a bearing on top and gearbox on the bottom. Once disconnected from both ends, you will need to maneuver the auger out of the tube and through the access lid.

Q: Why does my mixing auger quit mixing?

A: First, check the PTO and hydraulics are operating correctly. Depending on your grinder mixer model, check for proper gear or gearbox operation on the bottom of your grinder operating your mixing auger. Check for proper connection between auger and drive (is the auger turning?) Is there left over material in your tank? It could have hardened and has frozen the mixing auger. The material will need to be loosened prior to operation.

Q: How to get the rotor out of the hammer mill?

Q: Can you change a grinder from a 1000 RPM to 540 RPM or a 540 RPM to a 1000 RPM?