Take the guess work out of applying your manure while running with an X Series Manure Spreader. Watch how quickly you are able to enhance your field productivity by choosing how much to apply across your field using GPS technology.

While using our Metered Flow System, you are able to select how many pounds per acre to spread and which acres to spread on. Avoid over applying nutrients in areas that do not need it saving money and apply extra on acres that need a boost. When used with data from your soil mapping and previous yield results, next year’s success starts with fall application.

Application history readily available with the automatic data logging feature. In addition to automatic logging, you can download your data to your computer to analyze or use as application documentation for environment regulations.

Set up with an easy to use interface on the Raven CR7 screen or integrate with your tractor’s ISOBUS connected screen and GPS unit. As a result, you or your staff can start spreading with your mind at ease based on user friendly functionality.


This system collaborates with built in components on our X Series Manure Spreaders such as custom hydraulic manifold, sensors, and weighbars and it connects them to your tractor’s built in system or the CR7 display via a Raven Rate Control Module.

However, Metered Flow Systems may only be installed on X Series X700 or X900 manure spreaders with our unified hydraulic block and matching components including weighbars.

Raven Rate Control Module:

  • ISOBUS Compatible
  • Automated Rate Application
  • Uses Existing Load Cells
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Expandable Option for Multi-Product
  • On Screen Configuration

Raven CR7 Monitor:

  • ISOBUS Compatible
  • GPS Included (500S Antenna)
  • 7″ Full Touch Screen
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • WiFi enabled
  • Slingshot Compatible (file transfer)
  • Raven Auto Steer Supported

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