8215 Grinder Mixer

This brand new, top of the line model 8215 Grinder Mixer hammer mill is exactly what the big time operators have been asking for. Due to the 215 bushel capacity tank, we can boast about having is the largest unit in the United States! Additionally, our 96 four-way reversible hammers allows for powerful grinding.

Read on to see why this unit is a great fit for you and your operation!

Side View of the Art's Way 8215 Grinder Mixer

Features and Specifications

Mixing Tank

Art’s Way’s 8215 Grinder Mixer features a 215 bushel mixing tank. Above all else, this is the largest single vertical auger mixing tank we have ever created! Our tank features several unique characteristics:

  • 5 Large Inspection Windows
  • Mixing Auger that is 12 inch diameter
  • Scientifically tapered cone for efficient mixing
Tank & Frame
Capacity of Mixing Tank215 Bu/ 277 Cu Ft
Height (with tire size)11 Ft 3.25 In
Width with Auger Feeder10 Ft 2 In
Overall Length16 Ft 5.62 In
Weight without Auger Feeder 7,000 lbs
Width without Auger Feeder9 Ft 10 In
Grinder Mixer Hammer Mill

The hammer mill is where all the action takes place. Consequently, achieve a consistent and speedy grind with double the hammers of some of the older machines.

  • Full one-piece 26 inch hammer mill
  • 96: 4-way reversible hammers
  • Operating speed of mill: 2,800 – 3,000 rpm
A picture of  the inside of the inside of the hammer mill
4-way reversible hammer mill
Tube Style Auger Feeder

A tube style auger feeder provides better material flow in order for more efficient feeding for grain processing. Our 8215 boasts an extended auger feeder to better reach in your yard, while resisting back flow of material.

  • 10 inch diameter
  • 118 inches long
Transition Auger
  • This transition auger allows for a more consistent material flow from the mixing tank to the discharge auger as a result of double flighting.
  • The flight extensions offer more movement in the transition auger for foliage such as hay. Therefore, not recommended for grain only mixing.
Discharge Auger

Operate the discharge auger with the wireless remote control due to the hybrid hydraulic system (tractor supplied and self-contained combined) for swinging the auger, up/down movement, and transition gate open/close movement.

  • Auger Tube has a 10 inch diameter
  • Horizontal operating arc is 225º
  • Vertical operating arc range from +46º to -27º or +60º to -11º
  • 10 feet long discharge auger
  • There are additional options for Auger Extensions
Hydraulic System

With the extended hydraulic system on the 8215 Grinder Mixer, both the mill to mixer and supplement hopper to mixer augers are operated via hydraulic motors. In contrast to previous models, these augers feed in individually further up the tank for more immediate mixing results. Both the auger feeder and discharge auger operate hydraulically. With the self-contained system, you are also able to operate the discharge auger from a wireless remote control! Simply push the button to raise, lower, swing, and engage the discharge.

Tired of waiting for the hydraulic oil to warm up in the winter or overheating in the summer? A smaller hydraulic tank provides less oil so you are in full operation quicker in the cold climate. More importantly, watch as the hydraulic cooler automatically turns on when your oil temperature rises and likewise, reverses when necessary. To clarify, the cooler remains off when not needed.

  • Hydraulic Mill to Mixer and Hopper to Mixer Augers
  • Wireless Remote Control Discharge Operation
  • Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Check out more info on the new hydraulic cooler!

Pictured is the centralized hydraulic manifold. Black box with gauges and tubes connected to it.
This picture shows the centralized hydraulic manifold. Which makes it easy to monitor and adjust gauges.
Drive System
  • Withstand the stress of your tractor because of the beefed up jack shaft and bearing.
  • During machine shutdown, the overrunning PTO clutch creates a smooth transition.
  • 100-160 Horse Power requirement
Supplement Hopper
Picture of the uncovered Supplement Hopper located in the back of the grinder mixer
Supplement Hopper located at the back of the Grinder Mixer.

While you will feed your material for processing through the hammer mill, any additional ingredients will be added through the supplement hopper on the rear of the machine. Furthermore, ingredients could range from soy to vitamins and medicine that the nutritionist recommends.

  • 21 inches x 24 inches
  • 7 inch diameter auger
Which Hammer Mill Screen Size do I need?

Choose your optional screens sizes. As a result, you are able to control the material size of your feed. This post will also help you pick the screens best fit for your operation based on either your livestock or material type.

26″ HM26″ HM26″ HM
Screen Size40 HP60 HP120 HP-PTO
5/32″150- 225250-375250-375
1/2″960- 10801600-18001600-1800
1″No Data No Data No Data
1 1/4″No Data No Data No Data
1 1/2″No Data No Data No Data
2″No Data No Data No Data
Safety Features
LED Transport Light on side of the Grinder Mixer Tank.
LED Transport Light on side of the Grinder Mixer Tank.
  • LED transport lights for superior visibility
  • Plated jack for increased stability
  • Nonslip ladder provides safe movement to the mixing tank.

Finally, Product Books are Available for the 8215 Grinder Mixer!

Click picture to view full product book!

Contact the Art’s Way Sales Team for more information at 712.864.3131!

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