Art’s Way Cattle Maxx offers today’s beef and dairy operations rolled feed in a quality and consistent ration mix.

Art’s Way Rollermills provide you with efficient milling for top quality feed from your corn or small grains and does it with lower horsepower requirements. Rolling feed minimizes dust while providing more palatable and digestible feed for improved feed conversion.

Rolling with an Art’s Way Rollermill makes all grains more palatable and digestible by fracturing the kernels’ outside hull letting the digestive juices penetrate more rapidly. Consistent particle size produced with an Art’s Way Rollermill provides increased bulk allowing animals to eat more ration, which better assimilates the digestible nutrients.  This allows for improved feed conversion. Rolling feed reduces dust in feed.

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CATTLEMAXX Features and Specifications

Mixing Tank

Art’s Way’s 6105 Grinder Mixer features a 105 bushel mixing tank rated at 2.5 tons.

  • 4 Large Inspection Windows
  • Mixing Auger 12 inch diameter
  • 20 inch, 10 inch diameter rolls
  • Sharp or Flat Grooves
  • 1:1 or 1:1.12 Roll Speed Differential
Trough Style Auger Feeder

A trough style auger feeder provides more room for cob feeding.

  • 10 inch diameter
  • 100 inches long
Discharge Auger

Operated with tractor hydraulics or mechanical lifts.

  • Auger Tube has a 10 inch diameter
  • Horizontal operating arc: 225º
  • Vertical operating arc: +46º to -27º or +60º to -11º
  • 10 feet long
  • Optional Auger Extensions
Hydraulic System
  • Mechanical Lift & Swing with Mechanical Discharge
  • Hydraulic Lift & Swing with Mechanical Discharge
  • Hydraulic Lift & Swing with Hydraulic Discharge
Drive System
  • 540 RPM Implement Driveline
Supplement Hopper
  • 21 inches x 24 inches
  • 7 inch diameter auger
Which Rolls Do I Need?

Choose your 20″ roll type to achieve your desired grind.  Check out this post to help you pick the rolls.

  • 5 Groove Flat
  • 7 Groove Flat
  • 10 Groove Flat
  • 5 Groove Sharp
  • 7 Groove Sharp
  • 10 Groove Sharp
Rollermill Capacities

Roller Mill Capacities

6105 CATTLEMAXX Product Book

7165 Cattlemaxx cover

CATTLEMAXX – 6105 Operator’s Manual

6105 CattleMaxx Operator's Manual Cover

6105 CATTLEMAXX Parts List

6105 CattleMaxx Illustrated Parts List Cover

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