Commercial Forage Box

The Commercial Forage Box has a rugged, robust design. The materials it’s made of are chosen for their durability and will provide years of trouble free life.

Why Choose the Commercial Forage Box?

The box that will hold up in your field.

The box is an all-welded design for greater strength and features #4 polished stainless steel sides. Not only is the stainless steel much stronger than a corrugated steel design, it doesn’t rust in the acidic environment of forage harvest. The 3/4 in. Densilite poly floor is impervious to moisture.

The Commercial Forage Box works perfectly for combining industrial hemp. Pair this box with your other hemp harvesting machinery for the perfect processing solution.

Excels in muddy conditions.

In extremely wet conditions, 52-inch axle spacing accommodates larger tires with adequate clearance to prevent mud from locking up the tires.

Affordable 24 Ton Chassis

Now offering a 24 Ton chassis featuring tandem axles to make sure the weight is evenly distributed when traveling through fields. This unit has 425/22.5 Used Truck tires mounted on a 10 bolt rim.

Rugged 29 Ton chassis to match your tough box.

The forage wagon box is designed for a stable, smooth ride as well. The chassis features three-ply springs for excellent stability when going up a hillside or along a highway.

Drum brakes on all four wheels deliver unsurpassed stopping capability. Hydraulically actuated, the brakes can be used with tractor brake valves or standard tractor remote.

A swivel hitch with adjustable height fits any drawbar configuration. An approximate 2,800-lb hitch weight when empty provides exceptionally smooth trailing and handling as well as eliminates drawbar “slapping” when loading the wagon from back to front.

Front Unload in an industrial option.

The front unload system has four aggressive spiral-type beater bars with long tines to deliver controlled crop flow and prevent the cross apron from filling during loading. This system allows more filling in the forage box front area.

Spring-loaded beater drive chains and apron chains make for smooth action. Greasable beater bearings are banked together for easy maintenance and long life.

An optional cross apron extension is integrated into front unload system with a sequence valve for automatic and convenient operation, preventing the cross apron from moving with the extension in transport position. Use this box for forage or hemp harvest.



Floor Length: 23 feet 10 inches

Overall Length: 33 feet 10 inches

Overall Width (with tires): 10 feet 3 inches

Overall Height: 12 feet 11 inches

Inside Width of Box: 96 inches

Inside Height of Box: 94.75 inches

Empty Weight: 19,040 pounds


1,516 cubic feet


Tires: 700/40/22.5

Rims: 24 in. x 22.5 in. 10 Bolt Hub Pilot, 7/8 in. Studs

Brakes: Hydraulic Drum Brakes

Hitch: Swivel & Adjustable Height, 2,800 lb tongue weight

Suspension: 3 Ply Leaf Springs, 50 in. OC 5 in OD x 5/8 in Wall Axle Tube

Rated Capacity: 29 tons

2 Speed Jack

  • Rear Work Lights
  • 10 inch Side Extensions
  • Fenders
  • Fold-Down 24″ Cross Conveyor Extension
  • Scales
  • Scale Indicator: Avery Weigh-Tronix 640XL

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Customers are saying…

“I like how it rides with that heavy duty suspension under there.”

-Clifford, IA

“The beaters and conveyer work more in sync.  There is a clear old way of doing it and a new way of unloading.”

-Josiah, IA

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