Forage Blower – 1060

High Velocity. High Volume. High Performance!

Art’s Way Miller Pro Forage Blower fills the tallest silos with lower power requirements and a paddle design that generates a powerful air stream. The large hopper increases capacity.

Two models available for maximizing tractor HP.
  • 540 RPM
  • 1000 RPM
Maximum capacity auger action

maximum capacity auger

  • Auger trough distributor moves the flow of material into the fan housing faster.
  • Large transition opening allows a smoother flow of material into the fan.
  • Large hopper area increase blower capacity and allows easy forage box positioning.
  • 12 in. diameter auger feeds forage into the fan at 30 degree angle. Inserts material into the air stream at nearly the same plane as rotation for greater efficiency.
  • Flexible wind guards on hopper sides keep cleanup to a minimum.
  • Auger clutch handle operable from front, side and read of blower.
  • Water hose connection directs nozzle at auger end. A second inlet is positioned through the blower band.
  • Kevlar drive belts last longer and are less susceptible to stretching.
  • Transport wheels are equipped with tapered roller bearings.
High power blower

high power blower

  • Blower outlet easily removable for quick inspection and maintenance, without loosening housing band.
  • 60 inch diameter impeller housing with heavy eight-paddle fan and rotating back plate that provides non-stop filling and virtually eliminates plugging. Paddles made from 40/50 carbon steel resist wear and corrosion.
  • Sharpened adjustable shear bar keeps paddle tips clean. Prevents hair-pinning, carry-over and power loss. All material goes up the pipe.
  • Reversible housing band.
Power Paddle design
power paddle designEngineering tests show that 35 degree paddle angle generates a greater air stream, moving more material with less power.
Standard features
  • Large hopper intake area
  • Auger trough distributor
  • Large transition opening
  • Heavy 8-paddle fan with power paddle design
  • Sharpened shear bar
  • Heavy PTO drive line
Optional 1000 RPM Blower

1000 RPM BlowerNow available for use with larger HP tractors with 1000 RPM PTO shafts.Requires minimum 140 PTO HP tractor.

1 3/8 in. 21 spline
1 3/4 in. 20 spline (opt)



Forage Blower Specifications

Housing diameter  60 in.
Blower housing width  9 in.
Number of paddles  8
Blower outlet size (pipe flange)  9 in.

Operating speed

  • 540 RPM  540-600 RPM
  • 1000 RPM  975 to 1010 RPM

Tip speed

  • @ 540 RPM  8640 RPM
  • @1000 RPM  10400 RPM

Minimum HP – 1000 RPM
  140 HP

Hopper auger size  12 in.

Hopper height from ground

  • without wheels  67 in.
  • with wheels  74 in.

Weight (approx.)

  • 540 RPM  1580 lbs.
  • 1000 RPM  1900 lbs.

Wheels & tires
  4.80 x 8

Forage Blower 1060 Brochure

1060 Forage Blower Brochure Cover

1060 Forage Blower Operator’s Manual and Illustrated Parts List

Contact Art’s Way Sales Team with any questions at 712.864.3131.

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