Manure Spreader R2024 – Truck Mounted

Art’s Way HV Series truck mounted spreaders feature a super slippery floor with reversible apron to handle obstructions and keep you going. Apron speed is adjustable, and vertical beaters are removable.

Model 2024 discharges at 20 gal/minute @3000 psi for manure, 60 gal/minute of forage. The electronic over hydraulic controls are conveniently accessed through one control panel by the operator.

The HV Series from Art’s Way provides one of the most rugged, reliable and productive line of spreaders on the market.

R2024 Manure Spreader Features

Triple Apron
Triple ApronThe triple apron boasts a 667K pintle chain and dual drive. The variable speed mechanism is safety interlocked with the slop gate to prevent apron movement prior to slop gate activation. The industry leading electronically controlled hydraulic apron is also reversible with the flip of a switch.
Hydraulic slop gate
Hydraulic slop gateThe carefully engineered slop gate is a solid performer with hydraulic operation and operator selectable positioning. The time-tested styling allows for both manure and forage application with a single gate. (Slop gate positioning is determined by the material being spread.)
Convenient controls
Convenient controlsDesigned for precision application, the operator control console is conveniently accessed by the driver. The electric over hydraulic controls feature apron reverse, along with manure and forage dispensing.
Durable steel frame
Durable steel frameUnique one-piece frame design features full width and full length tubular steel. Return chain guides are curved to reduce freezing.
Forage Option
Forage optionOptional forage kit easily transforms the truck spreader into a forage box with up to 1,092 cu ft of capacity. Apron speed up to 30’ per minute provides quick unload, keeping harvesters and pile packers working.

R2024 Manure Spreader Specifications


Horizontal Beaters:
  • Twin horizontal beaters, covering 41⁄2’ height x 7’ width (optional third beater available)
  • 400 rpm both top and bottom
  • Hydraulically driven with 43 gal/minute 3000 psi pump
  • Beater/Apron – Automated load sensing to prevent beater plugging
  • Beater assembly easily removable for forage operations
  • #100 roller chain drives
  • Automatic chain oiler and spring-loaded tensioners
Vertical Beaters:
  • Two 42” diameter vertical beaters, covering 7’ height x 7’ width
  • 420 rpm, mechanically driven with V-belt drive from truck PTO
  • Beater assembly easily removable for forage operations
  • Case-hardened teeth – optional
  • 1/2” heavy-duty UHMW plastic
Slop Gate:
  • Hydraulically operated, operator selectable positioning
  • Designed to use for both manure and forage
Triple apron
  • Triple aprons with 667K pintle chain
  • Electronic variable speed: Up to 13’/minute manure, up to 30’/minute forage Dual hydraulic drive, 20 gal/minute @ 3000 psi for manure, 60 gal/minute forage
  • Safety interlocked to prevent movement prior to slop gate activation
  • Electronically reversible
  • High-speed box clean out
Electric over hydraulic system
  • Electric over hydraulic powered, dual pump system, self-contained hydraulic reservoir
  • Easily serviced filter No wet kit required
High quality finish
  • Chemically etched metal to remove all mill scale and contaminants, insuring better paint adhesion
  • Dual coated with plural component primer and top-coat for long lasting finish
Chassis frame

R2024 16’ 6” min. for back of cab to C/T (17’ or more is preferred)
Min. after frame (C/T to back of frame) – 60” on all HV Series spreaders

Axle ratings

R2024 – 20,000# min. on steer and 46,000# rear

PTO rating

105 HP rated (recommended Chelsea model 880, 8 bolt PTO)

Engine requirements

Minimum 400 HP on R2024 model

R2024 Manure Spreader Brochure

Truck Mounted Manure Spreader Cover

Manure Spreader – R2024 Operator’s Manual

Truck Mounted Manure Spreader Manual

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