V140 Material Spreader

Rotating at 420 rpm, the vertical beaters of the V140 spreader distribute manure evenly and consistently over the field. The large 14 ft. box holds 315 cubic ft. of material.

The pull type V Series can be converted to a truck mounted spreader with installation kit.

The beaters are removable for stock piling and other material handling.


Uniform Unload

The hinged slop gate provides for uniform unloading of peaked loads. It is hydraulically controlled with driver selectable positioning. (Slop gate positioning is determined by the material being spread.)

Versatile Components

The slop gate is hydraulically operated with operator selectable positioning.

Designed to use both manure and forage.

Beater Protection

The apron is reversible on the V180 and very convenient when something other than manure comes in contact with the beaters. The double apron boasts dual drive, variable speed and 667K pintle chain on the V180.


Model dimensions

Inside Box
Length 15.75 ft.
Width 6 ft.
Height 3.33 ft.
Capacity  Cu. ft. struck  315

Standard features

Floor material 1/8 in. VHMW black liner
Reversible apron No
Apron chain  667X pintle chain
Pintle hitch  Yes
Dual worm gear drive  Yes
Axles  Single axle
Tires 16.00R-20 20 ply
Constant velocity PTO Optional
Vertical beaters 2 – 38 in.

Power requirements

Tractor (minimum HP) 120-150
Truck (minimum HP)  225

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V140 Material Spreader Product Book

Operator’s Manual

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