V240 Material Spreader

The V240 boasts a 24 foot box pulled on a tandem axle frame.  This model has a 588 cubic feet struck capacity.  700/40/22.5 flotation tires provide a smooth pull.  These features combine to create less field compaction and fewer trips from your yard.


Beater Efficiency

Rotating at 420 rpm, these mechanical beaters provide a wide spread pattern for less trips across the field.  This saves you time and field disruption.

Beater assembly is removable for forage operations.

Versatile Components

The slop gate is hydraulically operated with operator selectable positioning.

Designed to use both manure and forage.

Rugged Material Movement

Triple Aprons with 667K pintle chain provide the strength for long lasting load life.

Dual hydraulic drive, 20 gpm @300 psi for manure and 60 gpm forage

Safety interlocked to prevent movement prior to slop gate activation

High speed clean out.



V240 Dimensions
  • Inside Box Length: 24 ft.
  • Inside Box Width: 7 ft.
  • Inside Box Height: 3-1/2 ft.
  • Inside Box Height with extensions: 4-1/2 ft.


  • Struck capacity: 588 cubic feet
  • Struck capacity: 472 bushels
  • Struck capacity with extensions: 756 cubic feet
  • Struck capacity with extensions: 607 bushels
  • Heaped capacity: 929 cubic feet
  • Heaped capacity: 747 bushels
  • Heaped capacity with extensions: 1097 cubic feet
  • Heaped capacity with extensions: 882 bushels


Standard Features

Floor material 1/2 in. solid UHMW poly floor
Reversible apron Yes
Apron chain 667K pintle chain
Axles Tandem axle
Tires 700/40/22.5
Vertical beaters 2 – 42 in.

Power Requirements

Tractor (minimum HP) 300

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V240 Material Spreader Product Book

V240 Product Sheet

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V240 Manual

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