TOP-SPREAD Loader Mounted Spreader

Art’s Way Manufacturing’s TOP-SPREAD Loader Mounted Spreader delivers versatility to your material processing. Mount on your skid steer, end loader, or telehandler to process and spread round or square bales. This loader mounted spreader works for livestock bedding, bunk feeding,  ground coverage for new seeding, and hemp processing.


•Use TOP-SPREAD on the equipment you already own

Standard ISO flat face hydraulic hook-ups

•Operator controlled bale feed

Standard 14 Pin Electrical Plug (Skid Steer Wiring Harness available)

Momentary movement allows you to skip water tanks or culverts when spreading

•No other equipment required

Use TOP-SPREAD to load your bales by tipping it over and scooping up

•Compact Size

Easily haul on a flat bed pick-up to your job site or through your drover’s alley to spread over fences.

•Different Industries

Spread bedding for livestock, chop hay for feed, cover bare earth or new seeding for construction, process hemp fiber, spread landscaping mulch.

Loader Mounted Spreader Specifications

Skid Steer Requirements

Operating Capacity: 2,500 lbs

Hydraulic Flow: 20 gpm or more (High Flow Optional)

Choose the Model to Fit your Needs

There are two standard models to choose from based on your bale size, the weight your skid steer is able to handle and your available width of your work space.


Heavy duty components to hold up for your biggest jobs:

•56: 2-1/2″ x 5″ Cup Knives rotating at 1,670 RPM

•Pintle Chain: 667XH

•1-1/2″ 4 Bolt Flange bearings

How Far should you expect to throw?

This will depend on your skid steer hydraulics and how the operator controls the feed.  Here is a sample of customers’ averages with dry cornstalks.


Find Your Dealer

TOP-SPREAD Product Book

TOP-SPREAD Product Book

Operator’s Manual

Contact Art’s Way Sales Team with any questions at 712.864.3131.

Customers are saying…

“I use it every day.  Spreader works great, does such a nice job of grinding and spreading the bedding.”

-Wayne, Worthington, MN

“It took me awhile to get use to running, but now that I am use to it, it works great.  Spreads nice.  Saves bedding and time.  Very glad I bought one.  Now the neighbors are interested and so is the local sale barn.”

-Brian, Kansas City, KS

Pair TOP-SPREAD with a tough built Manure Spreader to fit your operation.