Moldboard Plow 7501

Art’s Way’s 7501 Semi-mounted Vari-width plow is a more flexible option if your conservation plans require more surface than a traditional plow leaves, with the action that only a moldboard can give. Choose hydraulic or manual controls, paired with our adjustable width-of-cut option (to leave more residue exposed, narrow the cut, to bury residue, widen the cut) to get the best out of your tractor and plow.

Adjustable cutting width
adjustable cutting widthAdjust cutting width to match your soil, tilth, and tractor. Art’s Way plows offer flexibility. Your soil conservation plans may require more surface residue than a traditional plow leaves, yet still demands the action that only a moldboard plow gives. The adjustable width-of-cut available on Art’s Way semi-mounted plows is the cutting width to best utilize your tractor and plow. Choose from either hydraulic or manual controls. Plus, you can narrow the cut to leave more residue exposed or, conversely, widen the cut to completely bury residue. Infinite cutting width ranges from 14 to 22 in. on 5, 6, and 7/6 furrow row units.
Trip protection that sets the standards

You expect a moldboard plow to break ground, not the other way around. Rocks, stumps and hidden obstacles won’t put you out of action when you have AutoTrip II automatic reset or toggle-trip beams, available on Art’s Way plows. Both feature independent action for handling trip loads up to 6,000 lbs. – tripping action that doesn’t affect other bottoms.

Auto Trip II

trip protectionFor severe rocky conditions, choose AutoTrip II automatic reset beams. AutoTrip II beams react to rocks or obstructions in one of two ways:

  1. When a bottom hits an obstruction it can slide over, AutoTrip II allows it to ride up and over without tripping. Once the point passes over the obstruction, it immediately returns to the preset plowing depth.
  2.  When a bottom hits an obstruction it can’t ride over, it trips – as high as 13 in. – before springing back to work. In both situations, you simply keep on plowing, with nothing to shift, lift or adjust.


The Toggle-Trip design allows the beams to hold firmly against high draft loads, maintaining their working positions. When a bottom hits a rock, the beam will trip to the rear. To reset, simply stop and raise the plow and gravity puts the bottom back into working position. Lower the plow and you are on your way… all without having to leave the tractor seat.

Maximum clearance for plug free plowing
maximum clearanceVertical clearance is 34 in. for no-plug plowing, reducing drag and optimizing speeds. Fore-and-aft clearance ranges from 32.6 to 36.8 in. depending on your cutting width.
Heat forged steel provides added strength
heat forged steelAll 7501 plows feature massive main-frames that use heat-treated steel forgings on the trip mounting pivots. These forgings overlay and project into the mainframe for added strength.
On-land or in-furrow options
on land or in furrow optionsChoose an on-land or in-furrow hitch to meet your plowing preferences. In-furrow plows with 5 or 6 furrows; with factory or field-installed extensions. Likewise, on-land plows are available in 5-(expandable to 6); 6-(expandable to 7) and 7-furrow models. Both on-land and in-furrow options are standard mechanical or optional hydraulic version available as upgrade. Hydraulic cylinders have NitroSteel rods for superior corrosion resistance.


Size In-Furrow…5/6*; or 6 bottoms/On Land…5/6*: 6/6*; or 7 bottoms

Bottoms HSCX Super Chief or HSCU deep tillage Super Chief

Depth of Cut 12 in. (305 mm)

Width of Cut Manual turnbuckle (standard) or hydraulic cylinder/Infinitely variable…14-22 in. (356 or 559 mm)

Line of Draft Manual turnbuckle (standard) or hydraulic (optional; on land plows only)

Frame Size 6 x 8 x 3/8 in. (152 x 203 x 9.5 mm) mainframe; 6 x 6 in. (152 x 152 mm) pull; tubular steel

Beams Autotrip II automatic reset or toggle-trip


  • Cat III 3-pt. standard. (Cat III recommended for maximum width-of-cut adjustment)
  •  In-furrow–tractor must also be equipped with two remote hydraulic outlets for rear lift cylinder and hydraulic width-of-cut or line-of-draft

Vertical-34 in. (864 mm) Fore and Aft-32.6 in. to 36.8 in. (828 to 935 mm) depending on cutting width


  •  Rippled cushion 20 in. (508 mm) blade cast-arm standard;
  •  Rippled cushion 22 in. (559 mm) cast-arm, or concave crimp-center 20 in. (508 mm) disk blade cushion optional

9.5L-146PR (gauge, front furrow)/11L-15 (rear furrow; on-land only)

* With optional frame extensions

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7501 Moldboard Plow Operator's Manual

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