High Speed Defoliator

Achieve faster ground speeds with Art’s Way High Speed Defoliator

Strength, durability and ease of adjustment are prominent features of this product, along with dynamically balanced rotors for smooth operation and heavy-duty carrier wheels available in either fixed or steerable, as desired.

Easily and quickly clear foliage

Steel cupped knives on the front enclosed rotor shreds the foliage into smaller sizes and lays them directly into the rows. Rotors 2 & 3 offer added rubber flails to provide the finish work to remove any remaining foliage to allow ease of harvesting. The Art’s Way High Speed Defoliator allows faster ground speeds and delivers a low maintenance product, providing years of value, production and trouble-free harvest time for you.

Maximize efficiencies with the 6812D Sugar Beet Harvester and 9016BT High Dump Cart.

Heavy duty dual cylinder hitch
1000 RPM CV PTO shaft
Easy Open Belt Box Doors

Simple Front Panels

Heavy duty wheel carriers
12.4 x 24 – 8 ply tires
Wide walking tandem shown (right)
Steerable axles are also available
Rubber flails
Center rotor, 6-pin rubber flails and rear rotor, 8-pin rubber flails
Front rotor, steel cluster cupped knives
Enclosed in shredding shroud.
Heavy duty gearbox
Heavy duty gearbox with positioned jackshaft for better PTO angle.
Centralized Grease Bank
Easy access, heavy duty belted top covers
Easy access, heavy duty belted top covers with single cylinder hydraulic open
Optional equipment
Mechanical disc or mechanical knife scalpers (optional)
Fixed front stabilizer wheels (optional) with 7.60 x 15 – 6 ply tires.


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1222HS High Speed Defoliator Brochure

1222HS High Speed Defoliator Manual
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